Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I wouldnt have it any other way!

I am sitting downstairs in my kitchen laughing at the fact that by baby will make as much noise as she possibly can until I will go lay in bed next to her. Only I clearly know she is doing this intentionally and am not responding. I did however, go upstairs on two seperate occasions and kiss her and lay her back down.
For as difficult as the "cold days" and the "never being able to go to the bathroom alone" I dont think I can imagine my life with my daughter any other way. She has taught me why mom's always say, "You have no idea how much I love you!" Because it is so true, there are no words or calculation that could define how much I love her.
I dont have to question if her dad and I parent in the same manner, I dont have to wonder if her diaper is changed, or if she has been fed. I dont have to worry if she is being cared for to the level of intent that I find acceptable. My daughter, unequivically, recieves the best care that any child could ask for. And, I am a single parent.

She sits in restaurants like she has been eating out all her life, oh wait, she has! She sits in my lap and just hangs out with me. She will even take a nap if I want to take a nap. I just scoop her up and hold her close and she always falls asleep cozy in my arms. I cherish every single night that she wants me to hold her and every single day that she hurries back to the same place I am. In two months she will be one, she has provided me with the most amazing year of my life.

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