Thursday, September 3, 2009


September 1st my daughter began to say "Mama" and to be quite honest I just can not get enough of it. For the last 48 hours everytime we are on a run or sitting down to dinner all I can do is repeat the name "Mama", I am sure in a year I will be begging her to ask for someone else as she wants to be held at in inconvenient time or needs her diaper changed.

Dont get me wrong, I LOVE holding my daughter, afterall I do it all day long, but I do hope when she is over a year and a half she has learned to love everyone else as much as she does me. And the diapers, well you know, they kind of go with the territory, but as I am sure I will have another child in the FAR FAR future I know the idea of getting rid of diapers isnt so practical.

My brain has been all over the place today. I had a package key in my mailbox and stared at it for probably fifteen minutes wondering why this strange key was in my mailbox. Then I proceeded in putting it back and walking back into my house. On my walk a light bulb went off in my head, THANKFULLY, and wa la there were not one but two packages waiting for me! Sometimes I wonder how I leave the house with my head on straight!
Ive been thinking a lot about nutrition and childrens nutrition. It might be that I have had to take the baby off of solids for two days because she wasnt digesting the foods very well that has got me thinking. I have read so many articles on babies that are fed strictly mothers milk until 2 years old because they dont have the teeth to actually chew their food, true molars come at 2 yrs old. But, as much as I would be ok with this I know it is not culturally acceptable to not feed your baby food until they are 2. SIGH. Giving her milk is so so much easier, all I have to do is pump and she is set.
Ive kind of enjoyed pumping, it is 60 minutes of my day that she and I have quiet time and I also now find it pretty relaxing. I also know she is getting optimum nutrition and she LOVES her milky! I still cant decide if I would be able to pump another year of my life though, not with this child, I mean in the far far future.

Well, I finally see her eyes closing so I better skip downstairs and get some adult things done like dishes, laundry, and bills, I know VERY exciting!

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