Monday, August 17, 2009

Beauty at it's purest

Today I was witness to what I believe to be one of God's greatest gifts; the art of communication.

After a great nights sleep I got a phone call from my brother who wanted me to meet him at Chipotle for lunch. I happen to really like everything about Chipotle, especially their bowls. I know the nutrition facts down to the gram and I really like how pure the ingredients are! I mean black beans are black beans and vegetables are vegetables, doesnt get much better than that!

I put the baby in a highchair and a plastic playmat on the table since she seems to ALWAYS bite the tables at restaurants. YUCK! Thank gosh for the throw away covers. I noticed there was a deaf mother signing her husband throughout our lunch. About five minutes into it the baby was playing with a dragonfly toy that lights up and makes noises, the only thing she likes about it is the sound it makes when it hits the floor. Well the husband and wife had a little boy (about 2.5yrs old) that was eating his lunch and continually climbing down from his chair to hand the baby her toys everytime she dropped them.

She turned herself around, getting her legs out of the holes they belong and and facing herself towards the little boy. He was so nicely sitting and playing with his cars. I had to take the dragonfly away because I felt bad for his little legs getting up and down so much! But, to my surprise he handed her his toy truck! Then his other two toys! He didnt even want his toys, he wanted her to have them.

Ok, now I understand LOTS of children share. But the beautiful thing was this sweet little deaf boy and my daughter playing with their toys together without a care in the world. They didnt need to be able to speak or hear in order to communicate. Through their eyes and sharing they were communicating.

Ive been thinking a lot about cell phones lately. Just the overusage of them. I am one of the over users. I always feel like I need to know if my baby is ok for the half hour I am away from her every other week. I am thinking about getting rid of it, or at least getting rid of the endless minutes that I pay for and never seem to use since everyone I know is "in", a verizon term. I mean do we really NEED to be accessible 24-7. Isnt there any other way we can learn to communicate?
That little boy may never know how profound of a lesson he taught me. But I am forever changed by his beautiful small act of kindness and compassion for a total stranger.

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