Friday, July 31, 2009

Sick baby

So it is 12:21am and I finally rocked the baby to bed. Her normal bedtime is 9-9:30pm but how do you get a little one to be on a schedule when she is living with a fever of 103 degrees for the last 48+ hours. Tylenol keeps it around 100.7 for two hours before spiking again an hour before I can medicate. Terrible to watch her as she just lays her head to rest on my shoulder. I want so badly to be able to do something to make her all better!
Ive called the doctor several times over the last three days. They keep telling me if her fever is under 104 under her arm then it is under 105, I guess you can add a degree to the armpit temperature, that there is nothing they can do and it is most likely just a virus. A virus, seriously, my kid was completely healthy and never had more than a little stuffy noise so her being under the weather is really frightening for me.

On top of her fever she has been throwing up, I am praying this is just a little flu bug and not a bacterial infection. Times like this it is really hard to be a single mom. I can call my mom a hundred times a day, we sat at her house for a while today just to get some new scenery, but it isnt the same as a dad that would be sitting here next to me as I rocked the baby to sleep while sitting next to the floor that is now covered in vomit. I dont even care that I have to clean up the carpet, cleaning up milk throw up is like cleaning up water, not much to it. It's more the emotional support.
Well, I better crawl in bed next to her, Im not about to try the crib when Im already affraid she isnt ok!

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