Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday the baby crawled for the very first time. I saw her get up on all four limbs and start rocking. Only this time she didnt just rock, she moved! NO NO NO, I heared myself screaming! I didnt want her to crawl. I didnt want her to cut teeth like she did the week before and now I really dont want her to crawl!

Everytime I said no she smiled at me even larger and I couldnt stop myself from laughing and cheering her on. She is so smart and her little butt sticking in the air is so darn cute! I am sure it helped that she had an adorable dress on from our favorite store- Janie and Jack. And the pale pink bow did tons of justice, but she is cute even if she is naked. Trust me, Im not that partial :) I just had good genes.
I went to bed looking at the pictures of her in the hospital. SO SO tiny! Just barely 19 inches. I would rock her all night in the NICU, I didnt sleep but a few hours because I wanted to be at every one of her feedings. I was pretty much the only mom that went to the 3am feeding. She used to know my voice and every time I touched her her entire disposition changed. She wasnt scared if I was there and I promised her I wouldnt be scared either.
If you are pregnant cherish those last kicks and uncomfortable hip pains. I remember thinking no bed was comfortable and wishing everyday that she would come out early. (she didnt, she came out 9 days late after over 48 hours of induction and a very crabby and inpain mommy). But, from the moment I saw her I knew she was the light of my life. And to this day even when she reaches in to chomp down on my arm or races away to grab a toy she is my shining light!

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